Old and New Terrorism - September 11 After 15 Years
September 13, 2016
Old and New Terrorism - September 11 After 15 Years

The Antall József Knowledge Center organized a workshop with the title "Old and New Terrorism - September 11 After 15 years". Mirwais Janan, our research fellow has been one of the panelists and also the moderator of the event.

The participants (Lieutenant-colonel Miklós Böröcz, expert advisor to Hungary's counter-terrorism center, dr. Attila Demkó, Head of Department of the Ministry of Defence of Hungary and Dr. Péter Marton, Senior Assistant Professor of the Budapest Corvinus University) has discussed the history and the background of 911, the US and al-Qaida strategies, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The lecturers also talked about the comparison of the ISIS and al-Qaida strategies.

The ICDT has a partnership agreement with the Antall József Knowledge Center and the organization has been a long-time friend of ours. 

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