Papers published for the "ICDT Call for Papers 2014-2015"
1 June, 2015
Papers published for the "ICDT Call for Papers 2014-2015"

The ICDT, celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2015, is hereby publishing the top three essays submitted for the Centre’s winter 2015 Call for Papers. We recommend reviewing them wholeheartedly, as each essay initiates an interesting viewpoint on various topics, such as the theoretical examination of democracy deficit in the EU, the measurable effects of color revolutions on the development of democracy, and the limitations and dilemmas of national security.

The ICDT is hereby congratulating the authors and expressing its gratitude for their efforts in compiling such comprehensive and academically engaging materials. We welcome everyone to put their comments on the papers on the respective facebook links:

You may find the articles below.

Steuer, Max: A Dual Legitimacy for a Democratic European Community? – Jürgen Habermas and Constitutent Power in the European Union - on facebook

Zeller, Michael C.: Democracy in the post-Soviet region: ten years after the color revolutions - on facebook

Lodder, David: Security, ethics and the ticking-bomb argument – How we can think the unthinkable - on facebook

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