The Capacity Building of Local Communities
May 14, 2016
The Capacity Building of Local Communities

As partner institution the ICDT took an active role during the implementation period in preparing and conducting the study visit to Hungary. The preparation phase consisted of the creation of the “handbook on how to write a successful project proposal” what also served as academic material for the training conducted in Nyiregyhaza. A second supporting document was a presentation that listed relevant funding opportunities for civil society organisations.  

The one day training contributed to participants understanding of the process of writing project proposals to international donor organizations and development funds. The training also provided practical recommendations on how to prepare a focused, relevant and sustainable project idea into project proposal. The participants had the opportunity to see and discuss successful project proposal submitted to the International Visegrad Fund (IVF) and to the EU Commission. The training covered the most important topics in writing a grant proposal such as funding opportunities from state or private donors, aspects in partnerships with other institutions, the benefits and drawbacks of such partnerships. Legal and logical frameworks of grantwriting were also covered. The training was able to further contribute to the participants understanding of their own leadership skills and how that can be applied to the benefit of their local communities. The program also emphasised  on the participant's ability to identify local problems that need to be addressed in an appropriate manner. Prioritizing issues to be able to better develop the necessary solution was a key conclusion.

The trainer for the program provided by ICDT was Ms. Annmária  Kékesi an experienced EU program manager with deep expertise on conducting cross-border and EU-funded HRD operational programs. She has effectively managed and organized numerous international training programmes, conferences and seminars regarding democratic transition processes. She is also a skilled consultant and coach on international development issues for public and private companies working in multicultural environments.

The trainer had very good impression about the activity and enthusiasm of the group. The logistical support by the Lead organization (Vinnytsia Regional Department of International Nongovernmental Organization "Ukraine-Poland-Germany ) was outstanding.

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