Civil Diplomacy - Focus on the Western Balkans
ICDT on the Sziget Festival, 10-14 August 2011
Civil Diplomacy - Focus on the Western Balkans

The Corvinus Society for Foreign Affairs and Culture (CKKE) and ICDT are attending the Sziget Festival for the second time between 10-14 August 2011. This year’s program will focus on the Western Balkans, a region in transition in order to present democracy’s new face. The organizers will be waiting for all those interested at the Festival’s European Meeting Point with interactive, informative, practical, and last but not least, entertaining activities.

• Informative workshops and talks
• Balkan quiz game
• How much do you know about the Western Balkans? “Water-Pong” duel
• Western Balkans Partnership Search: If you have a good idea but do not have a partner organization for it in the Western Balkans, or vice-versa, visit us for advice.
• Offline - Balkans Twitter: Travelling to the Balkans and still have room in the car? Find each other using the message board! Or just share your thoughts about the Balkans and Europe.
• Every day 15.00-16.30: “Meet the Ambassador”- talks with ambassadors of the Western Balkans countries in Budapest
• Every day 17.00-17.30: How well do you know the Western Balkans? Drink tasting and competition
• Every day 18.00-19.00: „With fröccs for reconciliation” – Informal discussions on opportunities for regional cooperation in the Balkans, common projects, and student exchange programs.

8 August 2011

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