ICDT Participates in the Sixth Ministerial Meeting of the Community of Democracies
1 July 2011, Vilnius, Lithuania
ICDT Participates in the Sixth Ministerial Meeting of the Community of Democracies

The ICDT has been actively involved in the work of the Community of Democracies (CoD), an intergovernmental organization that dedicates itself to the strengthening of the relationship amongst the countries that have democratic regimes and democratic political systems. Since February 2010, the ICDT is chairing a Working Group (WG) within the CoD that is responsible for Promoting Democracy and Responding to National and Transnational Threats to Democracy.

On 1 July, the sixth Ministerial Conference of the Community of Democracies was held in Vilnius, Lithuania. Following an open discussion among Foreign Ministers, chaired by ICDT representative Ambassador István Gyarmati, the Community adopted the Vilnius Declaration that emphasizes the commitment to strengthen the activities of the CoD and endorses the initiative to help other countries, which are now in the process of transition to democracy.

The document stresses the determination of the member countries to continue to strengthen the CoD activities on advocacy and protection of democratic values in countries facing threats to their democracy, coordinate policies and activities to enhance the effectiveness of democratic governance. The Declaration endorsed the Democracy Partnership Challenge, a framework in which the member states’ Conference of the Community of Democracies can help other countries that are implementing democratic reforms.

The Conference also acknowledged the efforts and accomplishments of the ICDT in initiating practical work in the frame of the Democracy Partnership Challenge by establishing and chairing a “Task Force on Tunisia and Moldova”.

For further information please visit the website of the Community of Democracies.

5 July 2011

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