Launch of the Project Titled Capacity Building/Technical Assistance of the Dniester/Nistru Euroregion
Launch of the Project Titled Capacity Building/Technical Assistance of the Dniester/Nistru Euroregion

The ICDT launched its new project titled Capacity Building/Technical Assistance of the Dniester/Nistru Euroregion, in cooperation with the Institute for Stability and Development (ISD).

The project aims to provide support for the coordination body of the newly established Dniester/Nistru Euroregion in form of capacity building and advocacy activities. The project will enable the Coordination Center of the Euroregion (EUR-CC) to meet the challenges of the initial period of its operation and serve the best interest of the region by supporting cross-border cooperation. The Centre serves as the main operative body of the Euroregion which was founded in February 2012. The ICDT was deeply involved in the foundation of the Euroregion since 2009. As a result of its efforts, the ICDT has published a feasibility study with legal and programmatic draft proposals based on local interviews and meetings held in 2011.

As the kick-start of the project, the two organizations held a coordination meeting in Bratislava on August 28-29, where the parties coordinated the program and the timeline with project partners and the representatives of the EUR-CC.

The first training of the project was successfully held in Ukraine between September 25-28. The expert group of the two organizations, composed by Mr. Sándor Köles, Senior Advisor of the ICDT and member of the Council of the Dniester/Nistru Euroregion, Amb. Petr Vágner, former Director of the International Visegrad Fund, Ms. Eva Rybkova, Program Manager of the ISD and Mr. Dániel Bartha, Vice-President for Strategy of the Centre for Democracy Public Foundation. On September 19, the group members participated at a press conference, organized by the Embassy of the Czech Repbulic at the Embassy of Slovakia in Kyiv, where Mr. Köles and Mr. Bartha, together with the Ambassador of Slovakia informed representatives of the press and Ukrainian NGOs about the project.

On September 20, a full day training was held in Vinnytsia on the basics of funding and strategy drafting for the members of the Coordination Centre of the Euroregion. Members of the staff from Vinnytsia and Soroca office of the EUR-CC were both represented at the event.

On September 21, group members participated in the Council Meeting of the Euroregion, where they informed the members on the project and briefed them on the upcoming steps of creating a short term (3 years long) strategy for the Euroregion. Group members gave advice on sustainable organizational development, funding possibilities and on presenting the Euroregion at the Brussels Open Days to be held later this month.

The project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund (IVF).

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