ICDT Call for Papers 2014-2015
18 November, 2014
ICDT Call for Papers 2014-2015




ICDT Call for Papers 2014-15


The International Centre for Democratic Transition (ICDT) proudly invites the submission of papers on topics related to democracy from young, talented students!


We are accepting academic articles and policy papers concerning the following topics:

  • 21st century interpretations of democracy
  • Security vs. democracy: how far can governments go to protect their citizens?
  • 25 years after the ‘end of history’: where liberal democracies stand today?
  • Political Islam and democracy
  • Democracy in the post-soviet region: ten years after the colour revolutions
  • American democracy promotion: the end of a paradigm?


General guidelines and procedures

  • Method of submission: Abstracts (not more than 250 words) must be sent as e-mail attachments to for initial approval along with a short CV
  • Format: font Times New Roman 12, 1,5 spaced. The final papers should contain abstract, key words and body of the text
  • Language: English
  • Length of the final version of the paper: Minimum 5000 words
  • Deadline #1: Abstracts are expected before January 30, 2015. No paper submissions will be accepted later than 23:59 Central European Time (CET). The authors will receive feedback from the peer reviewers within 3 weeks’ time.
  • Deadline #2: Submission of approved papers before 27 March, 2015
  • Eligibility criteria: Ongoing/recently finished, BA/MA studies in International Relations, Political Science, Social Science or related fields,  in a university located in Hungary

The selected papers will be subjected to double-blind peer-evaluation and will be published on the ICDT website. They will be open for public debate!

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