Pakistan - NATO Relations post 2014
11-12 February, 2014
Pakistan - NATO Relations post 2014

A conference was held in Islamabad co-organized by the ICDT and the Pakistani South Asian Strategic Stability Institute on 11-12 February, 2014 with the aim to provide an area for discussion regarding the relationship of NATO and Pakistan after the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan in 2014.

Several distinguished lecturers from NATO headquarters and the Pakistani Government gave their insights about the possible areas of co-operation between Pakistan and NATO, on a theoretical and practical level as well. Lecturers stressed out the major challenges that common efforts need to tackle, not only in Afghanistan, but also in Pakistan, due to the spillover effect of the conflict. As a conclusion, key points were ephasized that could serve as basis for future co-operation.

The event was sponsored by the NATO Public Diplomacy Division.

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