Moldovan Youth Civic Engagement Initiative - Partnership
June 2014 - August 2015
Moldovan Youth Civic Engagement Initiative - Partnership

Lead Organization

The leader of the project is the Public organization of women of large Families  and Entrepreneurs of Gagauzia ’VESTA’. The project is supported by the European Endowment for Democracy.


The wider frame of the project is to ensure wider civil engagement in the processes of democratization in Moldova, with a specific focus on young talented people. The project is indirectly is dedicated to combat corruption by promoting greater transparency through the involvement of the members of the youth volunteer network "M-Liga".


The neccesity of civic activism in the topic of corruption is induced by the general perception of the relatively high level of corruption in Moldova. The involvement of the local youth to overcome this problem is the key element that makes the initiative a unique approach in the field. The basic principles of the participant selection was to ensure that the entire country is represented, and also to involve the youngest age group possible in the establishment and reinforcement of democratic principles and civic awareness for future generations.

Project Description

The initial segment of the project is a thorough workshop involving 15 activists on the topics of advocacy strategies and methods, democracy activism and online activism. The topics of the training events will cover both theoretical and practical aspects of project initiation and implementation in the civil sphere, building on local resources and environment.

The project website is available here.

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