The Political Impact of Migration on some European Countries
September 2016 - December 2016

The ICDT has decided to organise a series of roundtable discussions on the issue of migration and its impact on the European countries’ political life and civil society.  For each discussion a representative of an Embassy concerned will be invited to talk about the effects of migration on his/her country’s political agenda with a focus on legal, socio-political, medical and security issues.

The roundtable discussions will serve to gather firsthand knowledge on different migration policies. At the conclusion of the project, a broader – comparative - analysis on our findings will be published. Five such events are planned for 2016. The geographical areas to be overviewed are: Nordic Europe, the V4 Region, Southern Europe and the Balkans. 

Besides the Embassy representative an expert on migration policies as well as an expert on the region concerned will join the discussion. Each event will be moderated by a representative of ICDT. The discussions will be held at the ICDT Headquarters.


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