Cooperative-Initiative Workshop for building the post-2014 NATO-Pakistani Partnership
November 2013 - March 2014
November 2013- March 2014


The  project  will  constitute  in  a  framework  of  dialogue  which  will  help  both NATO  and  Pakistan  to identify on one hand the specific interests in their interaction, and on the other hand the differences in their  approach.  Both  of these elements are  important  for  building  a  stronger long -term  partnership until and after 2014, and to overcome some  pathologies of distrust which have build-up in the 2011-2012 difficult period for the NATO-Pakistan relationship.

This project will be a mobilising force for both actors to develop mutual commitment. By sharing knowledge on NATO’s experience and expertise gained in training educating partner militaries and security forces, the two parties can discuss the possibility of whether an expanding network with NATO will contribute to the capacity of Pakistan to ensure long-term regional security and stability.


Pakistan has been an important partner across the globe for NATO, being a member of the growing Transatlantic community. It has been the most important ally in phasing down and dismantling the core of Al Quaeda in the region, and has improved relations with Afghanistan, committing to further build trust at all levels. But its role in stabilizing the region is becoming more and more significant taking into account the planned withdrawal of the ISAF troops from Afghanistan by 2014. Considering this, there is a pressing need to take actions so as to ensure that any kind of transition does not pose greater risks to Afghanistan sinking into instability and economic unsustainability, affecting the region as a whole. NATO’s partnership with Pakistan must continue beyond 2014 through a reinvigorated political dialogue and joint efforts in the fight against terrorist and extremism.

Project Description

The ICDT in cooperation with its local partner, the South Asian Strategic Stability Institute will organize a conference in Islamabad, Pakistan inviting several NATO officials and experts as well as representatives of the Pakistani government, academic sphere and media. The event will significantly contribute to the better understanding of NATO-Pakistani cooperation, and it might also provide answers for regional security challenges.

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