Belarus Task Force
September 2007 - June 2009

This project suggests an innovative strategy for the European Union and the United States of America on how to approach Belarus, the ‘white spot’ on Europe’s map.

In October 2008, the ICDT published the report of the Belarus Task Force, entitled ‘A European Alternative for Belarus’. Written by a high-level group, including former Presidents and former Ministers of Foreign Affairs of several European countries, and led by the former President of Poland, Alexander Kwasniewski, the report received a great deal of attention in both the EU and Belarus. The report has also come to be known as the ‘Kwasniewski Plan’. Since the publication of the report, the European Union has largely been following its recommendations in its policy towards Belarus. While the report’s most important provisions are being translated into EU policy, particularly with regard to an engagement and rapprochement policy with Belarus, some important recommendations remain unaddressed, most notably the recommendation to decrease Schengen visa fees for Belarusians, following the example of Russians, Ukrainians or Serbians.

Project Description
A number of intellectuals, political leaders, experts, and researchers from both Belarus and outside countries analyze the situation in Belarus in this project. After a process of consultation meetings and analysis lasting almost a year, the Belarus Task Force published its report in October 2008 in English, Russian, and Belarusian. The report has been introduced and discussed in various formats in Berlin, Brussels, Helsinki, Minsk, Oslo, Stockholm, Warsaw, Washington, and Vilnius. For the report and more information on the project, please visit the Belarus Task Force website.

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