Construct the change. Citizen-monitoring in Hola Prystan, boost for social engagement. V4 for UKR - Partnership
February 2015 - December 2015


The project intends to create an innovative and sustainable tool for citizen monitoring in the selected pilot region Hola Prystan in Ukraine. Led by the project coordinator, the Warsaw-based Development Policy Foundation, a total collaboration of 6 organizations is conducting the pilot initiative in 2015.

Project Description

The project relies on various tools for social consultations (both offline and online) in order to boost the level of citizen involvement of local initiatives. Various groups, such as local communities and NGOs are acting as the basis of certain training programs, supervised by tutors and experts, in order to better act in the fields of fund-raising, advocacy campaign, flexible expansion and sustainability of social involvement. The goallist of the project involves not only a comprehensive training and information campaign for the target group, but also to establish the appropriate physical platforms and areas for reporting and monitoring of local issues (be it small or large scale).

The involvement of various stakeholders and project partners will also contribute to the desired information dissemination campaign of the working model established in Hola Prystan, spreading the positive reputation of the pilot initiative.

Project Partners

Project Lead: Development Policy Foundation - Poland


The project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund.



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