Increasing Lebanese Women's Participation in Public Life
January 2007 - August 2007

By sharing some of the most relevant experiences accumulated in Central and Southeast Europe in the field of advancing women’s rights, the ICDT strengthened the public participation and social rights of women in Lebanon. The Centre provided adaptable tools, techniques and best practices to a selected group of 25 female politicians, lawyers, journalists, and NGO activists from different regions and religious communities to improve their skills for leadership, negotiation, coalition building, campaign planning and execution, lobbying, and presenting their cause to the media. The group stepped forward to form “Moubadirat”, a group of women active in the social and public life, and organized a nation-wide Solidarity Day to highlight the disadvantageous social and health conditions of (particularly female) farmers. As evidenced by the number of participants and the level of both national and local media attention, this event generated considerable interest in promoting women’s participation in public life and protecting the rights of disadvantaged groups. The project reached more than 200 people as direct beneficiaries, affected thousands of indirect beneficiaries and gave impetus for the formation of a new NGO and national network to take up this important cause.

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