Providing Support and Training for Afghan Politicians and Election Officials
January 2009 - April 2010

The main aims of this project are to prepare decisive actors for the upcoming elections in Afghanistan to contribute to the successful implementation of the upcoming elections, and to support the effective work of the politicians who represent the citizens of Baghlan Province on all political levels of Afghanistan. Our work will be based on the lessons learned throughout the elections implemented in 2009.

By the decision of Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission, the country’s Presidential and Provincial Council elections have take place on August 20, 2009. The polls will be followed by Wolesi Jirga, the House of the People of the bicameral National Assembly of Afghanistan, while the local body elections are scheduled for 2010. Through this project, the ICDT wishes to effectively participate in the preparation of the electoral experts and politicians of Baghlan Province.

Project Description

Primary target groups of the project are electoral experts and politicians of Baghlan Province. Within the framework of the project, 4 electoral experts and 14 politicians will be invited to participate in two separate training courses which will take place in Budapest in 2009. The training includes several lectures given by Hungarian and international experts, field trips, and meetings with leading Hungarian politicians and high ranking civil servants. Throughout the project implementation the ICDT cooperates with the Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO) and the Foundation for Afghanistan.

Expected results of the project are as follows:
• qualified representatives of the Afghan Electoral Bodies who possess international experience;
• qualified election officials who are ready to transfer and adopt the acquired knowledge and lessons learned in practice;
• clear scope of action, feasible tasks to be implemented, and tangible challenges to be overcome;
• necessary steps to build a political community, including political parties and factions.

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