Supporting the Electoral System Reform in Albania
September 2008 - May 2009

The project introduces the Hungarian experiences of its electoral system and supports the implementation of the Albanian electoral reform and the new Electoral Code.

The international community puts great pressure on the Albanian government to amend such elements of the electoral system as the registration of voters, the functioning of the electoral commission, and the technical transaction of the elections. Through this project, the ICDT aims to assist the Albanian government in the formation of the institutional background of the new system.

Project Description
The ICDT’s project implementation partner is the Hungarian National Elections Office. The precondition of the project was the approval of the new electoral law by the Albanian Parliament which took place in mid-December 2008. Afterwards, in late December 2008, representatives of the ICDT and the National Elections Office travelled to Tirana and met with politicians involved in the reform process, the OSCE mission on the ground, and representatives of the Albanian Central Election Commission. Based on the experience gained through the field trip, the ICDT prepared an interactive distance learning program assuring that all electoral officers involved in the election process should have the possibility of preparing effectively for the elections in Albania in June 2009. The learning program is based on the new legal background in Albania and summarizes the experiences from the currently functioning successful Hungarian Distance Learning System. The project is planned to serve as the master project of a series of projects aiming to pass this specific knowledge to other countries which will face similar challenges in the upcoming years.

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