Preparation of a Feasibility Study on the Creation of Dniestr/Nistru Euroregion
December 2009

ICDT facilitates the process of the creation of Dniester/Nistru Euroregion potentially comprising several Northern districts (rayons) of Moldova, a Southwest district of Ukraine (oblast) and two districts of the Transnistrian region.

Since 2005 Moldova has been striving along with Russia, the Ukraine and the OSCE as co-mediators as well as the EU and the United States as observers to resolve the settlement of the status of Transniestria (the 5+2 process) and the associated frozen conflict in order to renew dialogue, initiate economic development, revive cultural ties, dissolve the black market and reintegrate the region into the international environment. Attempts in the past concentrated on the political-territorial settlement, which underestimated the possibility of the beneficial spill-over effects of a possible economic and cultural cooperation in the bordering areas. However, European experiences have proven that the concept of cross-border/transfrontier cooperation and its formalized framework, the Euroregion is an appropriate instrument to find solutions for common problems in the context of cross-border cooperation and address locally important issues such as the environment, economic and infrastructure development, poverty, migration, people-to-people contacts, and thus transform the political agenda to impact the everyday life of communities in given border regions.

Project Description
The Centre provides technical assistance and know-how to the representatives of the districts involved and the central authorities in identifying the specific legal and institutional prerequisites of creating the Euroregion. The Feasibility Study itself will be an analytical paper to comprise and synthesize the results of a needs assessment and socio-economic analyses and other background documents prepared based on research done in the area and interviews with local stakeholders. It will describe and propose programmatic activity and the legal background as well as the potential organizational structure of the Dniester/Nistru Euroregion as a “road map”. Furthermore, the project includes the following complementary actions: (a) drafting of the legal documents (statutes and bylaws) of the Dniester/Nistru Euroregion and submitting it to relevant stakeholders (the Founders) for the final comments and decision; (b) organizing a study tour for local stakeholders in the Carpathian Euroregion to learn firsthand about the functioning of a euroregion and best practices; (c) initial presentation of the draft Feasibility Study to key actors such as local and national stakeholders as well as interested international organizations at a small workshop; (d) coordinating and organizing the event with the participation of local, regional and national stakeholders as well as interested international organizations - including potential donors - where the Dniester/Nistru Euroregion officially could be launched and the stakeholders could sign the founding documents.

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