Supporting the Activities of the Community of Democracies and its Task Force on Moldova
December 2012 - May 2013

The aim of the project is to support a more efficient participation of Hungary in the activities of the Community of Democracies (CoD), an intergovernmental organization that dedicates itself to the strengthening of the relationship amongst the countries that have democratic regimes and democratic political systems.

As an institution established at its Ministerial Conference in 2005, the ICDT has been actively involved in the work of the Community of Democracies, representing and supporting the role of Hungary within the organization through participating in its working groups and various instruments. Although this work has been long since appreciated by other members of the CoD, the organization’s activity along with Hungary’s role have decreased somewhat during the current Mongolian chairmanship. Thus, the reinforcement of the work of the CoD and the country’s increased involvement in its functioning are needed. This requires the ICDT’s participation at the meetings and the ongoing institutional development of the organization.

This is facilitated by the Centre’s involvement in two significant instruments of the CoD. Since 2010, the ICDT is chairing the Working Group on Promoting Democracy and Responding to National and Transnational Threats to Democracy and the Centre also undertook an active role in the Democracy Partnership Challenge (DPC), a newly established initiative of the CoD to foster countries with ongoing democratization processes, and is currently leading its Security Sector Reform Working Group on Moldova.

Project Description
Representatives of the ICDT will attend upcoming meetings of various bodies of the Community of Democracies, related discussions and other events targeting the institutional development of the organization. In order to highlight Hungary’s role, the Centre is also organizing a workshop in Budapest where the progress made and the further steps will be presented. This will be an occasion to address certain aspects of the conflict in Transnistria and engage concerned representatives in an active discussion.

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